Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Who is Rowena?

Who is Rowena? That question was answered on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7.

Not to get ahead of ourselves and spoil the end of a solid hour, but we can’t help it: we just met the King of Hell’s mother!

We opened this installment with a hooker on the run from a pimp named Raul. She stabbed in the eye, but he lived.

We then cut to Dean and Sam enjoying a cheap steak and us learning that Dean is on a dating app. His user name? Impala67.

Just as Sam begins to educate his brother on the definition of “catfishing,” Shaylene appears with enough cleavage to prove she really is a hooker.

She asks Dean for his soul in exchange for sex and the siblings realize this is not your average call girl.

Soon enough, they’ve trapped the demon pimp in a motel room and the “trash from the street,” as he calls the hooker, kills via via the angel blade.

Across town, we meet Raul’s Girls. This is the brother at the middle of all the action. This is also where we’re introduced to Rowena, who forces Raul to vomit himself to death. She gets a couple hookers alone and tells them she’s seeking new witches.

By the time Rowena and her hookers leave the premises, Sam and Dean have determined her identity, along with the fact that she’s over 300 years old.

But she’s hard to capture, especially after turning a hooker into an attack dog. And once the brothers maybe have Rowena in their sights, look who shows up to ruin things: Cole!

When you watch Supernatural online, you’ll see Dean giving Cole some answers about his father, who apparently was a monster of unknown origin.

Dean assures Cole that he killed his dad to save many lives. Sam also overhears Dean saying hr knows his story will end in his death and the only question that remains is this: Will it take place today?

Cole goes home to his family and Sam continues to be concerned about his brother.

Elsewhere, we met Joe, Caroline’s husband (Caroline is Hannah’s vessel), who is told by Hannah that she’s with Castiel. Then she and Cas kiss!

HOWEVER, this leads to Hannah deciding she can’t put her mission as an angel before the needs of humans. And, because those feelings belong to Caroline, Hannah leave her to return to her husband.

This leads Cas to Google Jimmy Novak, his vessel.

Oh, and then there was this: Crowley’s demons captured Rowena, which prompted the family that opened this review.

That’s a lot to take in for one episode, isn’t it? Relive all the action via the video above and get your first look at Supernatural Season 10 Episode 8 below:

The Flash Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Powered Down

Things slowed way down on The Flash Season 1 Episode 7, as a new nemesis zapped Barry’s abilities; while Dr. Wells’ investment in his protege’s future became just a tad more clear.

Let’s start with the good (?) doctor.Speaking to his robotic assistant, Gideon, Wells observed how the “subject’s” penchant for heroic action is keeping him from realizing all he can real be.

Yes, he referred to Barry as the subject.

He also said “the future remains intact,” as proven by that front page of the 2024 newspaper. Barry simply needs to “kick it up a notch” if he’s to use his powers to help larger humanity at large, as opposed to random Central City citizens.

Later on, Wells saw that this future had been changed by The Flash’s incapacitation, altering the Gazette headlines to talk about a “Red Skies Threat” and a no more Wayne/Queen merger.

How far will Wells to preserve his interests? He set “Girder” free to stop the threat of Farooq inside S.T.A.R. Labs.

After Tony died as a result and Barry took exception, Wells shot back that he doesn’t have the “luxury” of sharing Barry’s “ideals.”

Robert Knepper, meanwhile reprised his role Tockman/Clock King from an earlier episode of Arrow. In this case, he fired shots at Eddie and briefly took Iris hostage.

Because Barry was without his speed and The Flash unable to save the a day, Barry visited Irish once she was safe and said hd’s “never be late again.”

Iris took note of who else often utters this phrase.

At the end of the hour, Wells told Gideon that he has to “revisit our initial thesis,” saying that Barry’s “attachment to people” is what will keep him up to speed – thereby keeping the future “intact,” as confirmed by the Gazette‘s restored headlines.

Watch Arrow online now and see Wells covertly secure a DNA sample from dead Farooq, intrigued as he is by the metahuman’s ability to stop The Flash.

Where is this all going? In the near future, to The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, which will be the first half of the epic Flash-Arrow crossover! Check out the related preview here: